Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My booksigning Tues., 9/22, 7-9pm, Borders, Wynnewood, PA

Please join me at a booksigning/reading of Land Mines and my other books on Tuesday, Sept. 22, 7 - 9pm, at Borders, 80 E. Wynnewood Road, Wynnewood, PA. I will be talking about the themes that I raised in my novel, Land Mine's: navigating the land mines of separation, divorce, dating again, and rebuilding your life through self-reflection, self-help, and the grace of God.

And, we should have copies of the companion journal, Journaling Through the Land Mines, that can be used to help the reader write her way through the land mines. There's more information about both books on http://www.theelevatorgroup.com/. And, a description follows.

I really hope that those who are facing this particular season in their life and are looking for resources or those who would like to understand someone who is in this season would come out, share and learn. I look forward to meeting you.

Land Mines: Carolyn James’ life looked great—new job teaching writing at a law school, 11 year marriage to a doctor, mother of a preteen son and daughter, living in a McMansion in suburban Boston. But she is thrown onto the mine fields of separation and divorce when her husband leaves her for his yoga instructor, taking most of their money, stability, and what’s left of her self-esteem. Always a writer, for the next three years, Carolyn keeps a “divorce journal” to cope and rebuild. From optimism to fear, and humor to sadness, Carolyn writes about her experiences with separation, divorce and, eventually, dating again. Come inside her journal as she turns to self-reflection, self-help books, and the grace of God to navigate the ever-exploding land mines and get herself and her children safely through to the other side. Ushering in a new genre called "therapeutic fiction", the novel includes questions that readers can use to help them write their way through their own land mines.

Journaling Through the Land Mines: Journaling Through the Land Mines is the companion journal to the novel, Land Mines. The journal includes 77 writing prompts that cover situations the reader may likely encounter and questions to help the reader address the issues that are floating around in her soul. The prompts are in the form of unfinished sentences that the reader can finish to begin her journaling: "When I realized my marriage was ending...”, and, "When I told the children we were separating...", and, "My self esteem...". The rest of the journal includes some 200 pages with inspirational quotes and space for the reader to record her reflections, thoughts and feelings as she works through the land mines of separation, divorce and dating again.

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