Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My new book, Journaling Through the Land Mines, to be released Sat., 7/18, 2 - 4 pm, Borders, Largo, MD

Journaling through the Land Mines, the companion journal to the novel Land Mines, by Sheilah Vance, will be released on Saturday, July 18, 2 - 4 pm at the Borders, 931A Capital Centre Blvd., Largo, MD. The book is being released in July for two reasons--1) to honor the July 1 birthday of Princess Diana, who navigated land mines throughout her life, especially during her divorce, and who helped people around the world navigate physical and emotional land mines, and 2) in honor of July's designation as National Child-Centered Divorce Month.

Journaling Through the Land Mines is the second book in the "Land Mines Trilogy." The non-fiction, self-help book, "Five Steps to Navigating the Land Mines of Divorce™, will be released in September 2010. "Journaling Through the Land Mines is a vital part of the concept of 'therapeutic fiction', the genre that I started with my novel, Land Mines," said Vance, an attorney and publisher who went through her own divorce about 10 years ago. "It follows through and expands on the Reader's Guide in Land Mines. Yet, Journaling thorough the Land Mines is about telling your own story." Vance added, "The cover of Journaling Through the Land Mines is a flower blooming out of the top of a pencil because through journaling comes growth and new life." The journal includes the 77 writing prompts from the Reader's Guide in Land Mines. These writing prompts cover situations that a person navigating the land mines of divorce may likely encounter, as well as questions to address the issues that are floating around in her soul. The prompts are in the form of unfinished sentences that the reader can finish to begin her journaling: "When I realized my marriage was ending...", and, "When I told the children we were separating...", and, "My self esteem...". The rest of the journal includes over 200 pages with inspirational quotes and lots of space for the reader to record her reflections, thoughts and feelings. Journaling through the Land Mines ties into the self-reflection aspect of Land Mines. Land Mines tells the story of Carolyn James, a mother of two who was married for 11 years, and who was thrown onto the land mines of separation, divorce, and dating again when her husband leaves her for his yoga instructor. The novel, covering three years of journal entries, provides an honest look at how journaling, self-reflection, self-help books, and God's grace can help you get to the other side. Land Mines was recently named a finalist in the 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, sponsored by the Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group and open to authors and independent publishers worldwide, in two categories: 1) Multicultural Fiction and 2) Best Cover Design Fiction. Journaling Through the Land Mines is available at bookstores and on-line booksellers everywhere. For more information, see
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